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Emergency Response

Mobile Life is an innovative way to Emergency Reporting and Response built to save lives and assets. Mobile Life creates a connection between the person in distress and emergency responders such as ambulances, the police or fire fighters at a fraction of the time traditional processes can achieve. Additionally, insurance companies and even next of kins recieve a notification of the emergency.

At Mobile life we believe that safety in numbers is achieved through a society that is constantly on the look out for each other. Our goal is to realise a Safer, Comftable, Efficient and certainly a more Psychologically stable society through a system that is free, seemless, convinient and dependable. We are the force of change towards a culture where avoidable emergencies are averted and inevitable emergencies responded to in a timely manner.

Saving your life, your neigbour's or your fellow Kenyan's life and/or assets is now placed at the convinience of a button's click in your Phone.

Realtime updates to responders

With the growing rate of smart phone penetration in the country coupled with the much improved network coverage through out the country, Mobile Life will provide the bridge from developing world emergency response services to first world emergency response services in line with vision 2030.

The speed at which everything is done in relaying the necessary information to the necessary parties makes the platform both reliable and dependable. Rest assured, the moment you press the button, help will already be on the way

Mobile life creates a platform where Insurance companies, Ambulance service providers, Governments, Hospitals and Security firms can all tap into and leverage on various system resources to gain access to timely and precise information leading to efficient, smooth and seemless service delivery. Contact us below for more details.

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